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Who Are The Biggest Football Stars Who Will Play In EURO 2024?

So who are the biggest EURO 2024 stars or the top new picks who’ll play in EURO Football 2024? Let’s find out. These EURO 2024 player should be 21 years old or under at the beginning of the year to qualify.

They’re the ones projected to make a big splash in the European league when push comes to shove. The ones who’ve made the cut include the following. They’re the cream of the crop of EURO 2024 stars so far known for their maturing skills and abilities.

The Young Superstars of EURO 2024

The best EURO 2024 stars include the following.

  • Arnau Martinez: Arnau belongs as one of the top superstars of EURO 2024 because he’s Barcelona La Masia Academy’s own star player and Girono’s ever-dependable No. 20 right-back. He can carry the ball forward at a fast place while delivering the fastest passes. This has made him Girona’s irreplaceable rookie superstar.
  • Antonio Silva: Antonio belongs in Portugal. He’s also Benfica No. 20 specifically. He originally broke into Benfica at 18 years old at the beginning of 2022 to 2023. He’s also a center-back that’s been a first pick ever since he’s been around.

This one of many top EURO 2024 stars is a tough defensive player who’s known for accurate passes across multiple distances. He’s also the youngest football player to become a Portugal representative at the age of 19 years old and 33 days old.

  • Noah Atunolu: As for Germany’s Freiburg No. 21, he’s an Under 21 goalkeeper who has drawn comparisons with Manuel Neuer in his youth. He came along after Mark Flekken has left the team. He faced the challenge of being the new gatekeeper of Freiburg’s goal, displaying seemingly supernatural reactions when it comes to goal defense.
  • Johan Bakayoko: As Belgium’s PSV Eindhoven No. 20, Johan made a splash for his team back in early 2023. His breakout season ended with him doing 5 assists and 7 goals all throughout his time on the field. He’s the traditional right-winger with a decent game pace and running speed.

He has proven himself to be a constant threat to his defenders with his multifaceted offensive options. In March, he made his international debut and he passed his test in flying colors when push came to shove. He has proven himself and then some.

All the superstars available here are under 21 or 21 years of age. They also emulate previous superstar picks who made a huge impact on the Euro League in the previous years, such as Gavi in 2022, Jude Bellingham in 2021, Rafael Leao in 2020, and Erling Haaland in 2019.