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Are EURO 2024 Tickets Still Available?

On December 2, 2023, EURO 2024 tickets already went on sale. This was immediately preceded by the EURO 2024 draw held in Germany, the host country for the European tournament for football or soccer. It will soon be football madness this Summer 2024!

The next phase is currently happening in March 2024. Fans will have to standby in order to be ready upon the launch of a resale platform for EURO 2024 tickets.

The Availability of Tickets for EURO 2024

Here’s what football fans in Europe need to know about EURO 2024 ticket sales. EURO 2024 tickets should still be available but they’re in great demand. Buy them ASAP whenever they’re released.

  • The First Sales Phase for EURO 2024: October 2023 was the first sales phase for the 2024 UEFA Champions League tournament. The application period for that has already been shut down. Further sales then came about in December 2023. Future sales are currently happening between March and April 2024.
  • Fans of Qualified Nations: The tickets are the hottest sellers for the qualified nations joining the EURO 2024 tournament. You can still watch and buy EURO 2024 tickets even if your nation didn’t qualify, but you’ll have to contend with whole populations yearning to cheer for their national teams.
  • How Many Tickets are Still Available? In regards to the tickets remaining for EURO 2024, there are about 2.7 million tickets. The supply is great because the demand is also great though, so buy them while supplies last because they might be gone in the blink of an eye!
  • Where in Germany will EURO 2024 Occur? 10 host cities across the host nation of Germany will have their stadiums ready for all the matches in the tournament proper of the UEFA Championships. 80 percent of the 2.7 million tickets are allocated to the fans, so get them while you still can.
  • Can You Sell Tickets for EURO 2024? You might want to resell your tickets to the tournament in case your national team didn’t make it in the qualifying matches. If you’re a ticket holder wishing to sell your tickets to others, you can go to the official resale platform for authorized ticket resale (instead of illegally scalping your tickets).
  • How Much Are The Tickets? The cheapest of the UEFA EURO 2024 tickets should cost about €95, which should get you seats at the nosebleed section. If you want to be closer to the action, the most expensive standard ticket should cost you €2,000 instead, which earns you a centrally located Prime Seat in Category 1 of the stadium.

There are many reasons to buy tickets for the UEFA EURO 2024, chief among them the prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo playing his last international matches in the league and tournament (since he’s already 39 years old).